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Jon M.

"I am not a professional, but with Dreamery, I can create headshots that look like they were done by one! It's intuitive and produces high-quality results, perfect for updating my LinkedIn profile."

Sophia R.

"Dreamery has saved me so much time and money on professional headshots. As a freelancer, having a polished online presence is crucial, and Dreamery helps me achieve that effortlessly."

Daniel H.

"I was skeptical at first, but Dreamery exceeded my expectations. The headshots I've created using its filters have impressed colleagues and potential clients alike. It's become an essential tool in my marketing arsenal."

Eva L.

"I've tried other photo editing apps, but nothing compares to Dreamery when it comes to professional headshots and pricing. Pricing is cheap and the results are consistently impressive, and the also interface is so easy to navigate. Highly recommend!"

Olivia W.

"Dreamery's subscription-free model is a breath of fresh air. I appreciate being able to pay only for what I use."

Ava B.

"I'm constantly amazed by the creativity unleashed by Dreamery's custom prompts. The possibilities are endless. I love it!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? You can write to us at

How does Dreamery work?

Dreamery uses AI for image to image transform based on your input. You can upload your selfie or any image with your clear face in it and our AI will do the rest. You can also customize your prompt to get your desired output.

What does it mean by "transform"?

From the word "transform" we mean that you can turn your any selfie to something beautiful. You can create professional ai headshots, cartoonize yourself for fun, or you can create some fancy images for your instagram in just a few clicks without any hassle.

Can I add my custom prompt?

Users can add few custom keywords to fit their needs. For example, while generating a professional ai headshot, you can add keywords like "23 y.o", "smiley face", etc. to get your desired output. You can play with the keywords as much as you want to get your desired output.

Is Dreamery safe for my data?

Yes, Dreamery is safe for your data. We don't store any of your data permanently. We have a cleanup scheduler that'll delete all user data older than 24 hours. We only store your email address and keep track of your dremary credits.

There are a lot of other similar services. How is dreamery different?

Unlike other services, we don't use any third party API. We have our own inhouse backend powered by Stable Diffusion. This way your data is safe. They are not shared with any third party. On top of that, we have a very simple and easy to use UI that you can use from any device without having to install any app. We offer free credits for you to try out our services and you only pay for what you use after that. We also offer a data sanitization to maintain SFW (Safe For Work) content. We don't allow any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.
Unlke other services, we don't train any models from your face data which is a huge privacy concern. We use your single image to generate the output and we don't store your image data permanently.

What else can I create using Dreamery?

We have quick templates from which you can create images. We will be adding more templates in the future. Right now, you can create images for the following theme templates:

  • - Professional Potriat
  • - Cartoonize Yourself
  • - Dream (Anything you want)

You are not limited to the templates we offer. You can create anything you want using our custom prompt feature.

Ai photo to art generator is the most popular feature of Dreamery. You can create art from your photo using our AI. You can create art in different styles like oil painting, watercolor, etc. You can also create art in different themes like nature, animals, etc.

You will find some inspirations on our website. You can also create your own custom prompt to create art in your desired style and theme.

What do you mean by custom prompt?

In our context custom prompts are keywords that you can add to fit your output needs. For example, while generating a professional ai headshots, you can add keywords like "business attire", "extremely beautiful", "smiley face", etc. to get your desired output.

If you are casually trying it out and want something fun then you can try to adjust your age, hair color, hair style, etc. Be creative and try out different keywords to get your desired output. Note: Be mind full of the keywords you add. There is a limit on keywords you can add and our system ignores any NSFW or unknown keywords.

What kind of picture should I upload? And how many?

You have to upload a picture with a face in it. Our AI will detect the face and generate an image based on your input. We currently don't support multiple faces in one image or multiple images. So, please upload one picture with only one face in it. Note: For better result please upload a quality picture with a clear face and no obstruction.

How long does it take to generate one image?

It takes about ~1 minute to generate one image. It may take longer depending on the load on our servers. You can pass batch size to generate multiple images at once.

Will I get high quality image in output?

Yes, you will get high quality image in output. We use high quality images as our source images and our AI generates high quality images as well.

Is there any mobile app that I can try?

currently we don't have any mobile app. But you can use our website on your mobile browser. And if you are aware of Progressive Web App(PWA) then you can install our website as a PWA on your mobile device.

Why do you store our uploaded/generated images for 24 hours?

We store your uploaded/generated images for 24 hours so that you can download them later if you want to. We don't store any of your data permanently. We have a cleanup scheduler that'll run to check and delete all user data older than 24 hours. Another reason for storing your images for 24 hours is that on any dispute we can investigate and take informed actions to best support our users.

Is Dreamery free to use?

We offer some free credits for you to try out our services. You can use those credits to generate images. If you want to generate more images then you can purchase more credits. We also offer free premium credits to our users who refer our service to their friends. You can learn more about our referral program on our website.

What if I don't get any good results?

We are constantly improving our AI to generate better results. We can't guarantee for a best result so, if you don't get anything good, please feel free to write to us at and we'll try to help you out. You'll get a full refund if we can't help you out.

Dreamery got my gender wrong. What should I do?

Our AI is not perfect and it may get your gender or age wrong. You can try to add more keywords to fit your needs. You can force the AI by adding keywords in brackets. For example: gender male, 30 years old , etc. Or you can force the AI by adding keywords in brackets like this: (((gender male))) If you still don't get your desired output then please feel free to write to us at

How can I delete my account?

You can easily delete your account from your account settings. We don't store any images permanently. We have a cleanup scheduler that'll delete all user data older than 24 hours. However if you want to completely delete your account then you can use the delete account feature from your account settings.